Of Food and … Skinny Runway Models

Every now and then, I’d get some pretty random search queries from search engines directing people to Siuyeh.com, but “skinny runway models” is the first. I’m trying to think real hard … have I ever made references to models here? References related to eating disorder or anorexia (not that the two should be related – I need to be clear here … and politically correct).

I think not.

Random Search Queries

Random Search Queries

Edit: I searched Siuyeh.com for “skinny models” and it looks like I’ve made references to “skinny dipping” here. Err, hey Larry and Sergey: I know you’re busy owning MSFT with your new OS, but do try to make your core product a little more relevant pls? Thanks.

It seems, my blog and I have failed you. I think I’d be much happier if rather than “skinny runway models” … it was “orca fat blubber”.



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