SML in Times Square (Part 1)

From the folks who brought you The Press Room, Classified, The Pawn and Classified Mozzarella Bar, now comes “SML”, a restaurant, bar and patio concept offering – you guessed right! – Small, Medium and Large portions from their menu.

I quite like the concept because it almost feels a bit like going to a tapas restaurant (except its not Spanish food) where you can just order a bunch of small dishes and try a bit of everything. To make a long story short, we (2 of us) ordered about 17 dishes of mostly small and medium sized savory dishes and desserts. They were all pretty darn good, save for 1 or 2 dishes, which could’ve been a bit better (More on that in Part 2). But honestly, for a “trial dinner” serving about 200 covers, the open kitchen did a pretty good job of churning all the dishes out quite quickly.

Their wine selection was in working progress so I won’t comment on that. But I should add that SML is the 4th location (after Wine Room at Sheraton, Tastings Wine Bar on Wellington St. and Watson’s Wine Cellar in LKF) to have installed Enomatic Wine Dispensers. Looks like these machines are starting to take off 🙂

The restaurant takes on a very playful approach with its decor while retaining a bit of sophistication and trendiness to it; almost feels like it was designed for young families spending Sunday brunches there. However, I would not be doing SML justice by commenting anymore on its interior since only temporary furniture were used when I was there for a trial dinner on Saturday night. The real furniture are being installed as I type this post so I’ll just leave it at that. I’m pretty sure the decor will look completely different when everything is done.

What really took me by surprise was that SML (within Food Forum on the 11th floor in Times Square) has this HUGE patio area (something I was never aware of), which’ll probably seat another 200 covers easy – although I’m not sure if the entire space will be used. They were still developing that area so again, can’t comment on that.

Once you exit the lift on the 11th floor, you’ll be greeted by a large kubrick “SML Man” (not sure if it has a name yet), which the Press Room Group had commissioned Michael Lau (His Wiki) to design. If you look closely at its crotch, you’ll see it been pixelated. A funny touch.

SML Times Square Hong Kong

SML Times Square Hong Kong

Here’s what it says on the front cover of the temporary menu (if you’re having trouble reading from the photo):

SML Temporary Menu 1

SML Temporary Menu 1


in a ground-breaking revoluation sml brings a fresh taste of democracy to the dining table and lets you be who you are, wished you were and want to be!

in a wise and gutsy city such as ours, where big eaters, medium sizers, small spenders, dainty sippers, mean drinkers, gourmet feeders and dine-and-dashers are all but equal, choice matters and size matters.

at sml, no one pries or judges your unique desires; interactions and introversions are not two extremes. they’re simply an attitude, a state of mind. here, hungry ones can feed their stomachs, tired ones feed their souls, wherever your mood takes you, you are free to choose!

Stay tuned for some of my favorite dishes from SML in Part 2!

Note: Photos taken with Blackberry Curve 8900.

SML Bar / Restaurant / Patio
11/F., Times Square
Causeway Bay
Tel: +852 2577 3444
Email: info (at)


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