I’m always up for trying new restaurants, whether fancy or not. Let me know if you’ve got any favorites you would like to recommend to me. It doesn’t even have to be in Hong Kong; it can be anywhere in the world. If I ever plan a trip to that part of the world, I’ll be sure to visit the restaurant!


4 Responses

  1. I believe the restaurant I meant was:
    Beijinng Shui Jiao Wong
    It’s a cheap noodle bar, 118 JaffeRd, Wanchai.
    Very good noodles and dumplings. I remember they also had some good fish dishes.
    Don’t even know if it’s still there anymore.
    It was a fairly cheap place… But, man, what a meal me and my girlfriend had…!

  2. Awesome! Thanks for the recommendation, I’ll check it out when I have time! I’m always up for dumplings

  3. LOVE YOUR BLOG…great photos and descriptions, My only negative comment is WHY WASN”T I INVITED TO TONY’S DINNER????? Looks delicious especially that pasta dish. Also very nice presenation. See you on Monday at the FCC!!!!

  4. Try Drunken Delights on High Street, Sai Ying Pun.. just down from the 7-11. Its one of the few decent places to eat in Sai Ying Pun..

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