Just don’t sue me.

lol, okay, seriously.

Information regarding the restaurants (i.e. address, telephone number, contacts, operating hours, prices, etc.) are correct at the time of writing, or at least I make sure they are. If they go bankrupt, moved or for whatever reason, they cease to exist, don’t blame me.

I am not responsible for comments made by other bloggers who are kind enough to leave a note on my blog. Stuff I write are opinions of my own and if you don’t like it, I would suggest you try searching through technorati – I hear they’re great.

This is NOT a “paid-to-blog” and I will not accept any sort of flattery (in the form of money, meals, gifts or anything thereof) to write positive feedbacks about your restaurants. I can pay for my own meals and I reserve the right to write whatever I like about your restaurant including but not limited to its food, drinks, services, decor, kitchen, bathroom, attire / uniform, et cetera.

Honestly, if you don’t like what I wrote about your restaurant, take it as a hint that there is something you can improve on.

Lastly, if I am related to the subject of my blog in any way (e.g. relatives, friends, friends’ friends, etc.), I will clearly state the facts.

Thanks for visiting!


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