Cliff Jumping in Hong Kong

Its been a while since I last wrote about the “cultural” side of Hong Kong (in case you are wondering, this won’t be a food entry). Anyway, I went to a Sai Kung Luk Wu Stream Trek a couple weeks ago to do a bit of cliff jumping and thought I’d share some photos with my readers. (For more information on this event, it was mentioned here on FB). The host organizes events quite frequently, so keep an eye out.

Registration fee was HK$ 100 per person. About 80+ people signed up, but only about 60 turned up. We were split into 4 groups of ~15, and each team gets a leader (folks who are very familiar with the area and are usually instructors as such outdoor sports organizations such as Outward Bound, Young People’s Award and other outdoor training / team-bonding events companies). There was also a trained medic with each team to make sure everyone is safe and sound … overall, I thought this event was extremely well organized (thanks Jonn!).

All participants were to meet at 8:30AM on that Sunday at Pak Tam Chung in Sai Kung, where we would then take a minibus into the country park. If you ever decide to go during summer, please remember to insect repellents! Must bring! Anyway, here’s the area where you’ll be:

After about a 30 minute hike (mostly downhill) you’ll reach a point where the Luk Wu Stream and one of the beaches meet. From there, you are to walk upstream for another 10 until you reach a waterfall, then kick your shoes off, take of your shirt and do THIS!

Cliffjumping at Luk Wu Stream 1

Cliff jumping at Luk Wu Stream 1

Climb and jump!

Cliffjumping at Luk Wu Stream 2

Cliff jumping at Luk Wu Stream 2

The drop is about 10 (?) meters? Note of caution: It was raining the night before we went, and during our jump (after these photos were taken) it was also raining cats and dogs which means the water level is quite high and that the water was quite fresh. It might be different, perhaps a little more dangerous if you had gone and it hadn’t rain in a while. Just becareful!

Cliffjumping at Luk Wu Stream 3

Cliff jumping at Luk Wu Stream 3

Cliffjumping at Luk Wu Stream 4

Cliff jumping at Luk Wu Stream 4

After a couple hours of cliff jumping, rock climbing and abseiling, we continued walking towards Tai Long Sai Wan (大浪西灣), which is probably one of the nicest beaches in Hong Kong and definitely my favorite camp site (from the Outward Bound / DEA / Young People’s Award days) in Sai Kung.

Tai Long Sai Wan (大浪西灣) 1

Tai Long Sai Wan (大浪西灣) 1

What a change from Repulse Bay beach, no?

Tai Long Sai Wan (大浪西灣) 2

Tai Long Sai Wan (大浪西灣) 2

Hoi Fung Store (海風士多) at Tai Long Sai Wan (大浪西灣)

Hoi Fung Store (海風士多) at Tai Long Sai Wan (大浪西灣)

Potato Wedges from Hoi Fung Store (海風士多)

Potato Wedges from Hoi Fung Store (海風士多)

Okay, I lied. So I do talk about food here 🙂 If you ever visit this Hoi Fung Store (which is more like a cafe) at Tai Long Sai Wan (大浪西灣), remember to get these wedges deep fried from real whole potatoes!

Edit: Also, if you’re looking for some places to jump on Hong Kong Island, when I was in highschool, we used to jump from this bridge in Tai Tam Reservoir (about 15 minutes walk into the country park from the South Bay side). Check it out!

Note: Photos taken with an iPhone.


7 Responses

  1. this is sooo awesome!! i wanna go! can we go next time?

  2. Wow, yeh take me take me! Lets meet up for a meal when i come back! (10th – 14th July)


  3. We should totally arrange for another reunion at this place … it’ll be like outward bound all over again 🙂

  4. HEY!!!

    Nice spot, can we post this on


    • Hey Joe,

      Yeh, totally! Go nuts 🙂 Wow, you guys have got some pretty crazy jump videos … nice. Good luck with the site.


  5. J,

    Can you give me better directions to the jump spot? My site has been up since 1999 and we specialize in jump site directory assistance!! We have darn near 400- worldwide cliff and bridge jumping sites and directions how to get to everyone!!

    Let me know,


  6. Can you give some more precise directions for this pool please? I’ve walked from Pak Tam Chung onto the Luk Wu plateau but never seen this. Which minibus do you get from Pak Tam Chung, and to where? And how then do you reach the pool? Cheers, Andrew

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