Foodie Boardgames.

Vince puts all of us foodies to shame by taking his love of food and boardgames to the next level.

Foodie Fight - A Trivia Game for Serious Food Lovers

Foodie Fight - A Trivia Game for Serious Food Lovers

We tried playing Foodie Fight just now and it was pretty hard. Between an experienced chef, a diehard foodie and a self-proclaimed food blogger (that’ll be me), we got about 30-40% of the questions right. These are some of the simpler ones:

Q: Who was the host of America’s first TV cooking show, I LOVE TO EAT, which debuted in 1946?
A: James Beard (The equivalent of the Oscars for chefs is also aptly named “The James Beard Foundation Awards”)

Q: How many bubbles are there in a bottle of Champagne?
A: About 49 million (You learn something new everyday!)

Q: What food did Julius Caesar introduce to Rome in 40 B.C.?
A: Sausage

Celebrity Chef! The Game

Celebrity Chef! The Game

This one was much easier. We hit like 80-90% of these questions correctly. Its got more practical questions for those who are into wine, food preparation & cooking, etc.

I told you we’re serious losers foodies!


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  1. o o o where can I get one in HK? I so want to get the Foodie Fight !!! HAHA

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