About Siu Yeh (宵夜)

“Siu Yeh” (宵夜) means “Midnight Snack” in Cantonese (that is “Ye Xiao” (夜宵) for Mandarin-speakers) and this local eating habit, albeit a bad one, sort of reflects the extent Chinese indulge themselves in good food and good company.

Anything you eat, say from 12AM to 4AM, should probably be considered “Siu Yeh” so no, this blog isn’t about my feast during the wee hours of the night/morning – I don’t think it’s very healthy! – but rather, just a stab at writing about local delicacies and great finds (with the occasional entries on stuff I eat while traveling).

I’ve always wanted to write about food and “Siu Yeh” is a chance for me to write about food as well as anything about Hong Kong / China culture that is worth preserving or writing about. And if you know where to look at 3AM in the city, you’ll see what I mean.

January 29, 2009 Edit: This is me, without a head at Cross Hotel in Sapporo 🙂

Siu Yeh at Cross Hotel in Sapporo

Siu Yeh at Cross Hotel in Sapporo

July 16th, 2009 Edit: For the 5017341734757th time, no I’d like to remain anonymous. Thank you. OooooOo so mysterious!


21 Responses

  1. hey great blog,

    its not just a stab — its very informative. Great posts — I’m a fan already


  2. Great blog!

    Went to Hong kong myself 2 times. I will surely visit a third time, and I will probably visit some of the restaurants you describe… Thanks! Especially the spicy crab in Wanchai looks mighty good to me!


  3. Thanks for the positive comments guys! Erik, I’d be interested to hear about your experiences in HK, especially with the spicy crabs. If you need any help with directions, etc. or if you’d spotted any new finds, let me know! Cheers

  4. I will let you know! And I will take a look at your blog every now and then for some good restaurants to visit. I remember a very good restaurant in Wanchai I visited 3 years ago, but forgot the name. However, I think I wrote it down, if I find it I will send it to you. It was like a lot of good restaurants in Hong Kong, not much to look at, but very good food. (in my opinion).


  5. Hi there, seems we think pretty much think alike when it comes to food 😉 – Just added you to my blogroll… keep in touch!

  6. Thanks hkfoodblog, I’ll definitely drop by your blog later 🙂 Cheers!

  7. Great blog! Keep writing more please 🙂

  8. welcome to the food blogsphere. will load you to my blogroll idc. keep up the good work.

  9. Hello!

    This is Noreen from RTHK Radio 3.
    I was wondering if you can join us on our panel discussion tomorrow morning. (Thurs 4th Dec)
    Let me know, my email is mirno@rthk.org.hk

    Thank you so much and your blog is very entertaining! 🙂

  10. great blog siuyea!
    love your blog for my hk food craving!
    ahhhh really want to go back hk for desserts and street foods..

  11. Hey, we’re foodbuzz friends and as a New Year’s Resolution, I’ve taken it upon myself to bring my blogging back.

    I just want to say that I love your blog. It’s everything I want mine to be: informative, interesting, full of photos, and just a hint of randomness (I love jagabees too, yum!).

    Happy eating!

  12. Thanks for the encouraging words Meg! Good luck with your blog, I’d be visiting regularly! Cheers 🙂

  13. Hey great blog, very interesting and informative!!

    here’s the Sushi restaurant I went in Sapporo http://www.sushizen.co.jp/ and also this great bar http://www.rhyton.jp they have the best selection of Japanese whiskies I’ve seen, very cool!

    see you again soon!

  14. this is awesome. keep it up!

  15. will you come blog about London restaurants?

  16. love the bb shower blog! next we gotta conquer Chungking mansion so you can blog about that experience too.

  17. hey thanks for leaving a comment on my blog – how can i contact you? can you see my email via this form? if so, pls email me 🙂 (sorry for being so clueless!)

  18. hi! i put you on my @hknewz account on twitter. hope that’s ok…

  19. hello hknewz, nice tweet account you have going on there! yep, thanks for adding btw, cheers 🙂

  20. Hi Siuyeh,

    This is Dorothy – the food writer at HK Magazine. LOVE your blog and was wondering if you’d like to join a “HK food bloggers share their thoughts” type discussion I’m holding for one of the magazine’s coming issues. Would really be great if you could join us!

    You can e-mail me at dso@asia-city.com.hk and I can send you more details!

    Thanks. Have a good one!

  21. Hi SiuYeh!

    We are a PR agency representing some restaurants n food outlets. Was just wondering if you’d be interested in going for press trials?

    Drop me a line through email.


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