Village Bus (村巴) in Fanling! WOW!

Here’s a bit of a culture-slash-history lesson for you. Do you know what this is?

Village Bus (村巴) from Hong Kong's Boonies

Village Bus (村巴) from Hong Kong's Boonies

Its a village bus!!! Bet you’ve never seen one of these in your life huh? I mean, they look like a normal delivery truck but a custom-built interior, and these things go way back … okay fine maybe like 30-50 years? This one has definitely been renewed. I was pretty lucky to have stumbled across this … and you’re pretty lucky that I’m lucky 🙂 Unless you actually live inside one of these villages that run these shuttle buses, these things are like trying to spot a hedgehog.

Well I suppose its nothing crazy. Its just an odd-looking bus that takes the village folks from A to B (B = civilization) so they can buy basic necessities and groceries, and then back to A. Why don’t they just buy a Toyota minibus?! I would’ve imagine the cost to custom-build a metal cage + interior on a delivery truck to be > Toyota minibus. What’s the economics behind that? Can anyone fill us in?

Anyway …

四眼仔腸粉 in Fanling

四眼仔腸粉 in Fanling

I saw this next to the truck – a place called 四眼仔腸粉, where some pretty darn smoooooth rice rolls are served. On most days later in the afternoon, you’ll see a queue for these rice rolls. I had this a while ago and when I was there this time, I didn’t eat there, so no photos to show. Sorry!

But remember I was talking about these famous pork knuckles from Kwan Kee around the corner and it was all sold out last time? Well, I had it this time!

Pork Knuckles Vermicelli + Beefballs

Pork Knuckles Vermicelli + Beefballs

Did I mention last time that the hot sauce from this place was voted 1 of 10 best hot sauce in Hong Kong from Drink Eat Man Woman magazine (飲食男女)? How cool is that?!

Close-up of the Pork Knuckle

Close-up of the Pork Knuckle

Its a different type of pork knuckle than what I had expected. Its a little dry, but none the less tasty. Adequately salted, with the right amount of meat, fat, cartilage and “bone glue” (骨胶) … but I didn’t think it was good enough on its own. You HAVE to dip it in a bit of hot sauce (even if you don’t eat spicy) to make it work.

Siu Yeh Rating: 7.5/10
I stand by my previous rating.


4 Responses

  1. Finally! I’ve been waiting for these photos. Looks delicious! My dad’s from Fanling Village, though Kwan Kee must be in the town as there aren’t any eateries in the village as far as I can remember…

  2. Hey Helen, yes … ever since that last time when the goodies were all sold out, I’ve been wanting to go back and try my luck. Yep, Kwan Kee’s in Fanling town center near the wet market. Do let me know what you think when you try it. Cheers

  3. I used to live in one of these hilly village and I sometimes took this bus to school. It’s still a common sight along Sheung Shui and Yuen Long area, esp. during peak hours.

  4. Hey CXB, thanks for the comment. Do you know why they still use them? I mean, do they still use it for the sake of tradition? Does it make more economical sense? etc.?

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