Foodlink Foundation First Fundraiser at M1NT

A good friend of mine recently started Foodlink Foundation, a non-profit charitable organization with a goal to prevent food wastage and to generate a sustainable food-recycling system by collecting surplus food from various F&B outlets and delivering the donated food to shelters in Hong Kong.

How worthwhile is that? If any (free) advertising shall be done on my turf, it should be this.

Here’s a summary of the organization:

Foodlink is responsible for identifying donors and beneficiaries.

Collaboration with donors is usually based on trust and the quality of the food donated. Reputable establishments (hotels and restaurants) are identified and highest hygiene standards maintained.

Recipients now include Home of Love (Shum Shui Po), Wanchai Shelter and St. Barnabas’ Society and Home. These partner agencies were chosen based on their geographical locations and the proximity of the donors to the beneficiaries, as well as the need of the shelters to feed the homeless and elderly who are in need of hot, nutritious meals every day.

Once the donors are matched with (a) beneficiary(ies), the food will be collected and delivered to the respective shelter(s).

For more information regarding the fundraiser, please visit here. Thanks!

August 11th EDIT: The event will now be held on 21st of August at Armani Bar, not M1NT as originally planned. Thanks!


3 Responses

  1. say yes to fun see!

  2. Ma’am, this is the wrong post!

  3. Thanks so much Joseph,

    We hope to catch you tonight!

    All the best,


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