What is Hong Kong People Lining Up for Today?

Hong Kong folks have this thing about queuing up for everything and anything that there’s a queue for. If there’s no line, then there’s “NO DEMAND”! And clearly, such simple economic theory will not elude even the average Honkie. This is arguably, one of Hong Kong’s favorite passtime! We love to do it … yet, ironically and hypocritically, we complain about it. I always see old grannies lining up for something and they say to themselves “Why do so many people line up for these things … don’t they have better things to do?!” … and there she is, lining up herself. lol … I love it … really I do!

Queue in Wanchai near the Computer Mall

Queue in Wanchai near the Computer Mall

If you think about it, over 90% of the line-up on the streets have (something) to do with food & drinks! Here are a couple examples:

  • Queue at McDonald’s when they offer Hello Kitty or Snoopy toys with their Happy Meals (a set of 30 or sth like that, all of which you’ll have to collect … and for limited time only! And then they end up sitting in a role on top of your TV set or on the dashboard of a delivery truck or van or sth) … Stereotype to the max!
  • Queue on the streets for freebies such as Pocari, Nescafe Milk Tea 3-in-1 packs, Red Bulls … what else?
  • Queue at popular restaurants (i.e. Australia Milk Company) and trendy clubs (Need I elaborate?) … Clubs you ask?! Drinks I say. Hey, that falls into this category too.

The other 10% is for:

  • Season sale at major labels and brand names
  • IPO’s (pre-Financial Tsunami days, think: Alibaba, Tianjin Port, etc.)

No, tissues don’t count because there’s no line-up for those … people just aim for the guy passing them out, get it and leave. Turnover is quick.

So, in this new column of “What is Hong Kong People Lining Up for Today”, we have …

Brands Chicken Essence!

Brands Chicken Essence!

Brand’s Chicken Essence! I’m not a big fan of chicken essence … to make things worse, their marketing campaign is to have you consume it cold. “雪冻黎飲, 精神嗮!” Gross!

No thank you … I already have trouble comsuming it hot.


2 Responses

  1. one of my friends in thailand has a small bottle of brand’s chicken essence every night before he goes to sleep – can’t fall asleep without it. he gave me a bottle, but i’ve been too weirded out to eat/drink it….i mean, cold (room temp) chicken consomme that doesn’t require refrigeration and last forever? come on.

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