People of HK Soho Unite: BOYCOTT The Spot Bar

So last night, after a good workout at Pure (Kinwick), some friends and I decided to drop by a sports bar and watch the Federer-Monfils match of the French Opens. Unfortunately, only sports bar that offer Cable Television (not Now, since the former has the rights to broadcast the French Opens in Hong Kong) show the games.

But we stumbled across a packed crowd inside The Spot Bar in Soho on Staunton Street that was showing the match. A very well-dressed gentleman greeted us by the door and asked how many was in our little group. I said “3” and so he said without hesitation, “There are seats inside near the bar” … “GREAT!” I thought. So we made our way through the crowd and to our dismay, when we reached the bar, a very polite female server regrettably said to us “there aren’t any seats left”. I looked around the tables, sure enough most of the patrons had already been working half-way through their drinks, so they must’ve been sitting there for a while. Maybe the gentleman by the door (whom I’m assuming is the owner of The Spot Bar … great name by the way, and yes I’m being sarcastic) thought there were seats left.

“Oh its okay, we’ll stand”, I replied to the lady.

After tending to her tasks, the lady came back and said “Sir, are you sure you want to be standing here? You’re standing right next to the bathrooms” … She’s right. No I don’t want to be standing next to toilets.

So as we’re making our way out the bar, the same gentleman said to us “We also have a bar down the slope, also showing French Opens and there are seats”. I’m sold. What a good salesman. He said the 3 things I want to hear most in one line:

  1. Bar (close by)
  2. French Opens
  3. Seats available

He even offered to walk us down! What incredible service! So we followed him around the corner and he showed us into this bar called the “Hidden Vine” (next to Archie B’s and Taco Laco) and as we walked inside … it looked nothing like a sports bar! What worse is there isn’t even a TV in there!

I asked the manager at the Hidden Vine whether they’re showing the French Opens and she sounded very confused. We stormed off and the same guy who showed us the place had brought 3 more victims (Caucasian kids … I’ll bet they’re also there for the match).

Then I said some not-very-nice things to his face (he pouted and shrugged and gave me that “Hey, you fell for the trick … its not my fault you’re retarded” kind of message), I warned the kids about this scam artist, made a scene and I left.

Seriously, I understand business owners trying to make a buck or sth, but is this guy stupid? (Well, he’s not, he’s very smart). But still … prick.


Unfortunately for him, he just messed with a *ahem* famous local food blogger.

Okay, in all seriousness … how can you trust anything (from food to booze) and even the bill you pay from a guy like this? Is he going to use food that has already expired? Is he going to use fake Shenzhen alcohol and serve it as the real deal? Is he going to charge you slightly more on the bill and hope that you won’t notice? I’ll leave that for you to decide.

Siu Yeh Rating: -100. First negative rating ever on this blog and likely to be the only one.

Fool me once … and SHAME ON YOU!!!


11 Responses

  1. Oh, J, I’m sorry for your very bad experience, that guy sucks!

    I’ll take ur words, boycott The Spot Bar, thanks a lot for your info.

  2. Hey KennyT, thanks for the support! I think this is part of the reason I started this blog! To warn people against something like this 🙂

  3. Hey – sorry that this guy ruined the night. I get extremely angry about these things too!!! Good that you wrote about it on your blog – I am joining your crew – boycott The Spot Bar (i agree with you, what a name?! what the hell?!)

  4. I have been to the Spot Bar and had pleasant, abeit overcharged, experiences. That guy you talked about is unreal. How can he expect to get away with it? I will boycott the Spot Bar henceforth.

  5. My problem is where to go watch the Men’s Final tonight somewhere in Kennedy Town. Does anybody know?

  6. RAndom!!! how odd! are you sure he owns the bar?? maybe he was just standing there!

  7. Hey Guys, thanks for the comments.

    Stephoid?! Is that your screen name for everything web-related? Welly creative 🙂

    Miquel … sorry we couldn’t be of help re: sports bars in Kennedy Town … I’m not too familiar with that area. Where did you end up watching the game?

    Anx – I’m pretty sure he’s the owner. Well, whatever he works there. Next time I pass by the place, I’ll ask him … and then I’ll give him the link to this article 🙂

  8. OK J, Here’s your chance to vent your frustration and also advise the “true” owner of Spot Bar. Their email address is Until we get some clarification/apology, we will continue to boycott the Spot Bar. Cheers

  9. … Actually, on second thought … maybe I should

  10. It is a free country. I will pass on the message to the owner.

  11. ahhahahaha….. LETS GO TO THE SPOT BAR!!!! 😛

    just kidding.

    your post was hilarious you famous local blogger!

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