Wing Cheong Tea House (榮昌茶座) in Fanling

Another Fanling post!

So is there a place in Hong Kong where snobby rich people and not-so-wealthy truck drivers can co-exist? Yes! And that would be Wing Cheong Tea House, located off of a narrow highway leading in and out of Fanling and within walking distance from Hong Kong Golf Club, one of HK’s most exclusive golf clubs. And there isn’t a restaurant within a 2 mile radius of this restaurant so where else can you go?

Fortunately, this isn’t just some restaurant that picked a good spot to run its business. Their food is pretty darn good, especially their pork (fried pork).

Salt & Pepper Pork Rice

Salt & Pepper Pork Rice

The photo looks really orangy because the plate and the spoon is orange and I was underneath an orange tent under a scourging sun at noon. But man, was this salt & pepper pork rice good! It wasn’t too oily, and the portion was just right. Best of all, the pork really is quite tender.

Turnip & Pork Soup

Turnip & Pork Soup

The soup of the day that comes with your rice if you order a set. Really quite “清” and not too heavy on the stomach. Tastes and feels like soup from home … and there wasn’t any sign of MSG (at least I don’t think there is).

Preserved Veggies & Pork Rice

Preserved Veggies & Pork Rice

And this is what my friend had. Steamed pork and preserved veggie with rice.

Here’s people just chilling.

@ Wing Cheong in Fanling

@ Wing Cheong in Fanling

Remember to bring some insect repellant!

Siu Yeh Rating: 7/10

Note: Photos taken with an iPhone

Wing Cheong Tea House (榮昌茶座)
Tel: +852 2670 3388


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