Fanling Kwan Kee Beef Balls & Pork Knuckles (群記牛肉圓豬手)

If you don’t live in Fanling or if you’re not going to Fanling for anything in particular, I don’t see how you would ever visit this restaurant. I know, what a start to this entry 🙂

For those of you who don’t know where Fanling is, it is 2 railway stops from Shenzhen’s Lo Wu / Luo Hu and Lok Ma Chau (Futian Port) station on MTRC’s East Rail Line. In other words, Fanling is 1 of 2 north-most districts in Hong Kong … and not coincidentally, because of its close proximity to the mainland, these 2 districts see the most “water goods” going in and out of Hong Kong. So other than that and the Hong Kong Golf Club, I don’t think anybody in Hong Kong ever think much of Fanling.


In the heart of Fanling’s town centre, there lies a family-run business serving the best (apparently) beef balls and pork knuckles in the New Territories. As my friend and I got lost driving somewhere in that area, we decided to find this place. Its funny how we (guys) don’t stop and ask for directions … but we would, if it was for food. Good food. You see, we’re slowly breaking away from the stereotype.

Anyway, after a couple missed turns … there it was: Kwan Kee Beef Balls & Pork Knuckles (群記牛肉圓豬手).

Kwan Kee Beef Balls and Pork Knuckles in Fanling

Kwan Kee Beef Balls and Pork Knuckles in Fanling

You just know when a restaurant actually names itself “Something Beef Balls & Pork Knuckles” … they had got to serve some serious beef balls and pork knuckles. Unfortunately for us, when we got there, it was already 4PM and all the pork knuckles were sold 😦 further reinforcing how good they really are. But don’t use our experience as a gauge for your trip (if you ever make it to Fanling) … this lady who works there told us that sometimes, they’ll sell all their pork knuckles by 2PM … and sometimes, as late as 7PM … so go figure!

Anyway, they still had beef balls so we both got a bowl of plain beef balls. Unlike most Chiu Chow-style beef balls which come in Jaw-Breaker sizes, these ones come in little bite size, which was a good change. They’re small, crunchy (in the Chinese-cuisine-description-sense) and is loaded with mucho beef flavours.

Beef Balls at Kwan Kee

Beef Balls at Kwan Kee

But a Chiu Chow beef ball wouldn’t be complete without an equally potent and spicy hot sauce / oil.  They don’t serve the numbing-type of hot from Sichuan … Chiu Chow hot sauce is more about fragrance (香) a little more than about spicy. And Kwan Kee delivers well.

What Kwan Kee looks like at 4PM

What Kwan Kee looks like at 4PM

Finally, I should also mention that there were about 8 servers just chilling in the restaurant, notably exhausted from their hectic lunch shift. I can only imagine what its like during lunch time at the restaurant.

2 bowls of plain beef balls came up to something like HK$ 28 (HK$ 14 / bowl) … or something like that.

Siu Yeh Rating: 7.5/10

Note: Photos taken with an iPhone

Kwan Kee Beef Balls & Pork Knuckles (群記牛肉圓豬手)
5 Luen Cheong St., Fanling
New Territories, Hong Kong
Tel: +852 2675 6382


3 Responses

  1. My dad’s from Fanling Village where we still have property, so I have a reason to visit this place one day!

  2. Hi Helen, there’s this other place in Fanling … its on a narrow highway very close to the Hong Kong Golf Club that serves some amazing fried pork buns and salt & pepper pork rice. I’ll write about it soon just for you haha

  3. […] remember I was talking about these famous pork knuckles from Kwan Kee around the corner and it was all sold out last time? Well, I had it this time! Pork Knuckles […]

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