Latest Jamie Olivers Cook Book Attached!

Yet another breaking news from!

We just got this email from a friend (Thanks Kev!), the contents of which, we’ll reproduce here … but we’ll hold on to the file. Especially after a recent incident where we got sued (sort of), we want to keep a lower profile … if you know what I mean.

Jamie Oliver’s new cook book for free!
How good is this…..
Cook book = £20
Ingredients = £10
Getting sacked for “accidentally” releasing the book to the entire planet before it even hits the shelves = PRICELESS!

It seems that someone at Jamie Oliver’s publishing company sent a word document version of his 2nd book to one of their mates this morning. Unfortunately for the poor sap who sent the word document, it is now flying around the web at a rate of knots. So print what you like  AND please spare a thought for the poor bugger that originally sent it, while enjoying the food you make from the recipes!!!

The deal of the day – Jamie Oliver’s latest cook book.

Sucks for the guy who accidentally sent the file! But good for us!


6 Responses

  1. hey I want a copy 😉


  3. Hey Carrinna, thanks for the message. I’ll send you a copy to your email shortly 🙂 shhh!

  4. cannnn i have a copy too? please keke

  5. haha hey Suzie! Yeh definitely, if anyone, I know you’d put it to good use 🙂 Enjoy!

  6. nice blog , can i have a copy too ?? thanks !

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