Steak Expert (扒王之王)

Welcome to my first “Recession Special”, where my friends and I experience food that is … well, affordable but good … like cheap steak and umm … baby foods.

Cheesy Beef Propaganda!

Cheesy Beef Propaganda!

“Health Information shows that beef is nutrient dense containing: Zinc and Heme Iron” Hmm … what they don’t tell you is how bad red meat is to you if you eat too much of it. But anyway …

Below was what a friend of mine had … it was just the metal plate (铁板) steak with black pepper sauce pour on top of it. I didn’t get to try it, so I can’t tell you what its like. Sorry!

Metal Pan Steak with Black Pepper Sauce

Metal Pan Steak with Black Pepper Sauce

The boys ordered the Canadian AAA Sirloin set (below), which was going for HK$ 148 before the recession. Now, the restaurant is offering the same thing … for HK$ 128! Wow!

Some Canadian AAA Sirloin

Some Canadian AAA Sirloin

The set we order came with a Borsch (or Borscht) soup, a warm and soft bread + butter (probably one of those Sweet Round Buns from Garden Bakery) and finally, the steak dish with sliced carrots, fried potato wedges, a few slices of zucchini, some beans and a black pepper sauce on the side.

The good news is, I asked for medium to medium-well (which is like 60% cooked) and it was pretty much spot on. The quality of the steak isn’t bad at all … I mean, as long as you don’t expect gourmet steaks from the InterCon or BLT Steak. The side dishes were pretty okay too … all in all, it was a very filling (and somewhat satisfying meal).

The only bad experience I had that night was the house red. I remember visiting Steak Expert once before and had order a house red, which was alright. This time, the red wine was borderline undrinkable. I mean, I’m not expecting some top-tier Chateau from Bordeaux. I was expecting decent, every day, cheap table wine. But I can’t drink this one. Granted, a glass cost HK$ 25 … I’ll bet that entire bottle cost about the same.

Dinner came to about HK$ 600 for 4 (or HKD 150 each). Worth going to? For dinner, yes. For lunch … don’t go, unless you order the normal hundred-dollar steaks (and above). Otherwise, if you get the HK48 lunch sets, which includes the steak … well, you can imagine how good that piece of steak can be. It was like rubber.

Note: Photos taken with an iPhone

Siu Yeh Rating: 4/10 (Maybe its a 5/10 if you take into consideration the price you pay)

Steak Expert (扒王之王)
Tel: +852 2573 2711
Opens 24 hours now …


3 Responses

  1. You didn’t mention their atrocious ‘lobster bisque’.

    • Oh right … but I didn’t try it! How was it? Please explain what your thoughts are on the lobster bisque here. Thank you Tman 🙂

  2. wellllll, its taste wasn’t at all bad, the only ‘complain’ I have regarding the actual soup itself was their half-assed attempt to make it seafoody – by putting in chopped up shrimps, which I must admit was actually quite fresh. But I’d rather them put in fake lobster-meat than real shrimps, but that’s just me.

    Anyway, the ‘atrocity’ I was referring to was the price – the meal came with a choice of white or red soup (aka cream of mushroom and minestrone), with an option to ‘upgrade’ to the ‘lobster’ bisque for a whole $26. This might not sound unreasonable at first, until of course when you compare the prices from the a la carte menu, where they’re actually only $12 apart. So much for “recession special”.

    And, yes, I was already aware of the atrocity before I opted for the “upgrade”. I’m 死犯賤 like that.

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