Free Flowing Hoegaarden From Your Watertap!

I have serious doubts on how this could be logistically feasible, but if this was true (and isn’t some preparation for a Google-style April Fool’s joke), HK$ 399 for unlimited Hoegaarden is the deal of a lifetime. I’m guessing its a real Hoegaarden tap you can put in your kitchen, bathroom or other more creative places … but its linked to a keg?

Unlimited Hoegaarden at Home!

Unlimited Hoegaarden at Home!

A shout-out to Tman for spotting this.

Here’s the detail:

Flows like water only its beer!

Imagine the taste of Hoegaarden with its refreshing orange peel and coriander notes. Now imagine enjoying it on tap in the comfort of your own home.

With the Hoegaarden Home Tap, you’ll get this famous white beer piped to your kitchen, bathroom or whereever you choose to wet your whistle.

For more information, please see here.


3 Responses

  1. Love it! Going to order it. But even if it is an April Fool’s joke I think this shows that the people at Hoegaarden are fun. Much better than those other companies who always just try to show you advertising (“buy my stuff, it’s the best!”… yeah right!) And yeah, I know that the purpose of a company doing a joke is for publicity. But at least it shows the company is personable.

  2. […] Free Flowing Hoegaarden From Your Watertap! […]

  3. Hey CW,

    Thanks for the comment … and yeh, I guess we’re right! Check


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