Votes for the Best Restaurants in Asia

Ooooo … I just got this. Sure, I’ll do some free marketing for the Miele Guide just because I support it more than the Michelin Guide (Yes, I think its more applicable to folks in Asia, the panel of judges actually live in Asia and we (you and I) get to vote. Miele should cut me a piece of their profit.


Dear XXX,

Public voting for The Miele Guide 2009/2010 edition has opened and will last until 24 May 2009. We would like to invite you to cast your votes for the best restaurants in Asia at Every vote makes a difference.

This year, voters stand a chance to win one of three exclusive sets of Zwiesel 1872 crystal glassware with each a value of up to US$2,100. You will also enjoy a 25% discount when you pre-order your copy of The Miele Guide 2009/2010 at The Miele Guide Shop (

We have fine-tuned the online public voting mechanism for our website this year to make it all-inclusive. Each voter needs only an email address to register at The Miele Guide website to cast their votes. An email verification system has been put in place to safeguard against voter abuse. Upon registration and verification, you will be able to cast your votes from the shortlist of restaurants that was generated by Asia’s top food writers and restaurant critics during the first round of selection. You can also nominate a restaurant that is not listed in the shortlist.

In addition to English, this year’s website is currently available in Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese and Japanese. An additional Korean language option will be activated shortly.

Thank you for your support. Your vote counts. Do please vote now.


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