I Want to Eat Shark’s Fin!

Just when I thought no one could possibly top this lady in generating a commotion, here’s another lady making a scene in public … all because she wants shark’s fin. Hat tip to Steven Lin at Youku.com.


3 Responses

  1. Hahaha, I was shocked too when I first saw this video, but I heard that it’s just a commercial created by a shark saving organisation.

  2. Sup KennyT … yeh, for a moment I thought she was dissing the airport lady … but man, if this is a commercial … she should get an Oscar … also, if this was for a commercial, I don’t see how this would help! As in, what message is it trying to give? In any case, mad props to her for throwing a fit

  3. Hmmm my first impression was, 毒男 did this to show what 港女 are like…

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