Eat at Your Own Risk …

I wanted to title this entry something along the lines of “If I had to have one dish before I die …”, but on second thought, I probably will die from this dish. (Credits goes to BBQ Addict and thanks Kev for the email forward) This is absolutely nuts and irresponsible to you, your family and your loved ones and I’m loving it! Forget what they say in Fast Food Nation or Super Size Me … all of a sudden, McDonald’s seems healthy in comparison.

Here’s what my friend Kevin said and I quote (in blue):

I’m going to try it with a couple variations:

  1. Mixing in some cheese
  2. Cheese and potato shavings / hash browns

If I live, I’ll let you know how it tastes.

Stay tuned here, at Siu Yeh, for the latest development on our health insurance coverage (and a perfect textbook example of what not to do unless you’re not reliant on government health care, which unfortunately for the US = 5% (?) of the population … DAMN YOU BUSH!!!)

This kind of reminds me of the famed Garbage Plate hailed from Rochester, New York (Remember to flip through all 7 photos!)



One Response

  1. what a BEASTLY dish. i think i grew a few new tufts of hair on my chest just reading about it.

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