Tastings Wine Bar in Central

I’ve always wanted to visit the Wine Room at the Sheraton for the Enomatic wine dispensing machines, but I still haven’t had the chance to make that trip across the harbour. Coincidentally, I was introduced to Tastings Wine Bar located in an alleyway on Wellington Street, which also has the wine dispenser I was looking for. Here at Tastings, they had 5 machines! In comparison, Wine Room only has 3 and each machine is capable of holding up to 8 bottles of wine. That’s right! We’ve got 40 different bottles of wine to choose from at Tastings Wine Bar.

5 Enomatic Wine Dispensers at Tastings Wine Bar in Central

5 Enomatic Wine Dispensers at Tastings Wine Bar in Central

There are 3 amounts of pour to choose from: a taste (25ml), half glass (75ml) and a glass (150ml). Prices, obviously, are different depending on which bottle you choose, but the selection is quite vast and caters to a wide range of palette, so there are the relatively more affordable ones (South African and even Lebonese wine) and then there’s wine from Bordeaux (on the far right). Apparently, the wine can be kept for up to 3 weeks in these dispensers but most bottles are consumed on a daily basis, except for the Chateaus, which may take a little longer to consume.

Wine Stock at Tastings Wine Bar

Wine Stock at Tastings Wine Bar

I had a half glass of Opus One from the 2004 Vintage. I’m not an expert on wine (I’m learning), but if memory serves me right, it was a bit oaky and had a tinge of smoked berries. Here’s a description of the ’04 from their website:

The harvest of 2004 ended October 1st with the lowest per-acre yield since 1987. Showing a lustrous dark ruby, the 2004 Opus One presents aromas of violets, cedar, black tea leaves, black pepper and brioche. A soft, creamy entry gives way to a concentrated mid-palate; elements of cassis, toffee and cocoa round out the rich flavors of the wine. Intense.


Carbernet Sauvignon 86%
Merlot 7%
Petit Verdot 4%
Cabernet Franc 2%
Malbec 1%

Skin Contact

25 Days

Barrel Aging

17 Months
New French Oak

Tastings was opened in July of 2008 and so its been around for only 7 months. They also offer a decent selection of cheese to pair with wine (and a box or 2 of chocolates as well).

Tastings Wine Bar
Basement, Yuen Yick Building (Close to Tsui Wah in Central)
27 & 29 Wellington Street
Central, Hong Kong
Tel: +852 2523 6282
Fax: +852 2523 6300


2 Responses

  1. very solid selection and knowledgeable/friendly staff. two notes of caution:

    1) it’s a little on the pricey side — but i don’t think it’s completely unreasonable, since there are hardly any other places offering this type of concept

    2) the descriptions under each wine can be misleading — for example, the lebanese wine sounded delicious from the description, but i would describe it as merely “decent” or “drinkable” myself. luckily, the friendly (and not-too-pushy) staff are there to guide you along.

    overall, i’d say it’s certainly worth a trip for current and future wine connoisseurs. LKF (and HK in general) is in dire need of these types of establishments.


  2. that looks SOO good.
    well i don’t drink wine but still looks fun to go!! heheh
    im currently reading all your blogs that i’ve missed out on over the xmas/cny season =D.

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