Hokkaido Day 2: Breakfast at Yotei Restaurant

Luckily, breakfast was included in our hotel package at Hilton Niseko Village … otherwise, it’ll probably cost us an arm and leg if we had to pay separate. Everything in Japan is pretty expensive, and judging from the quality of the buffet breakfast at Yotei Restaurant, I wouldn’t be surprised if it was at least ¥2,000 (Around HKD 170) per head (the Yen exchange rate is ridiculous right now!)

Anyway, Yotei Restaurant located on the 3/F. of the hotel is very trendy in design. The architect of the hotel is designed in a oval shape and so most of the designs in the hotel follow a similar theme. And like most other restaurants in the hotel, it enjoys a spectacular view of the adjacent Mount Yōtei (羊蹄山) – hence the name of this particular restaurant (see photo below).

The View from Yotei Restaurant's Buffet Breakfast

The View from Yotei Restaurant's Buffet Breakfast

Buffet Breakfast at Yotei Restaurant

Buffet Breakfast at Yotei Restaurant

Hilton Breakfast

Hilton Breakfast

Omelette, Salmon, Hash Brown, Bacon and Grilled Tomato

Omelette, Salmon, Hash Brown, Bacon and Grilled Tomato

The buffet breakfast opens at 6:30AM – early enough so that visitors who want to get to the slopes early can pig out and get enough energy to tackle the powder at Hirafu and / or Annipuri.

There are just too much food to describe … I mean, it is a buffet breakfast, but I’ll say this: almost all the food found at Yotei aren’t too oily, even for the bacon and hash browns. The quality is top notch and that’s not a coincidence. Japanese people are extremely healthy in their diet and what’s served here at Yotei reflects that.

Here’s what they have: Fresh lettuce and roquette salad (with Italian, Japanese and Vinaigrette dressing), cherry tomatos, ham, smoked salmon (with lemon, diced onions, and capers), hash brown, sausages, bacon, scrambled eggs, fried eggs (sunny side up or any way you like it), omelettes, waffles, pancakes, French toast, Japanese congee and all accompanying condiments (i.e. radish, pickles, etc.), seasonal fruits (i.e. grapefruits, peaches, mandarin, apples, pineapples, etc.), croissants, pains au chocolat, toasts with all types of jams (including Hokkaido butter, Nutella, marmalade, Marmite, etc.), all types of cereal, HOKKAIDO MILK, grapefruit juice, lemonade, orange juice, pineapple juice, apple juice, et cetera, et cetera …

I probably missed out quite a few other items, but you get the point.

By the way, I’m part of the HATE club for Marmite 🙂

Yotei Restaurant
Hilton Niseko Village, 3/F.
Higashiyama Onsen 048-1592 Niseko N, Niseko-cho, Japan 048-1592
Tel: +81-136-441111
Fax: +81-136-443224


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