The Best Burger Restaurant in Hong Kong is …


I was a little disappointed with the number of people (54) who voted … I was expecting lots more people taking part in this Burger Poll! And I was a little surprised to see Monster Burger come out on top … in fact, I’ve never tried Monster Burger, but having asked some of my friends, the response for Monster is very positive 🙂 Too bad for Shake’em Buns.

However, I’m not surprised Duke’s Burger came up last … they makes fine burgers, but the high price is a big turn-off for a lot of people (but I did ask, what is your FAVORITE burger, not BEST VALUE BURGER …)

Gourmet Burger Union, Burger Room, Fat Burger and Triple O’s averaged between 7-11% and were relatively close in the number of votes.

Lastly, I was expecting Freshness Burger to do slightly better, but it looks like their patties aren’t exactly what our voters are looking for.

Here are the results for the first Burger Poll in Hong Kong:

The Best Burger Restaurant in Hong Kong

The Best Burger Restaurant in Hong Kong

Duke’s Burger (0): 0%
Freshness Burger (0): 0%
Atomic Patty (1): 2%
Burger Republic (2): 4%
Gourmet Burger Union (4): 7%
Burger Room (4): 7%
Fat Burger (6): 11%
Triple O’s (6): 11%
Shake’em Buns (11): 20%
Monster Burger (16): 30%
Others (4): 7%

Number of Votes: 54
Duration: 35 days (December 16, 2008 to January 20, 2009)

Disclaimer: Results do not represent Siu Yeh’s preference hwotsoeva!
Terms of Use: Go ahead and use these figures … just remember to give Siu Yeh credits!


2 Responses

  1. I love the consultant’s pie chart. Loverly. Now if only you baked a real pie with corresponding percentages! That would have been cooler.

  2. I have been to many of the above listed burger joints and I have to say that for taste the burger at BLT in Ocean Terminal is the best tasting burger I’ve tasted. Yes it is a proper sitdown restaurant unlike the most of the above but for HK$88 for a huge burger and generous portion of crispy hot fries it is pretty good value.

    If you can get over to TST in Kowloon definitely get over to BLT.

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