“One Bowl of Noodle” by Olala

一碗麵 (or literally “one bowl of noodle”) has been the subject of many blogs since it opened 3 to 4 years ago, so I suppose it is nothing special that I write about the place. Rather, I want to use 一碗麵 as a platform to talk about the surrounding neighborhood (Star Street) and some of the private kitchens you might be able to find in that area. I’ll save that for another time though.

After having visited the place for what seems like my 3rd time now, I am surprised to find the restaurant still doing well at the price they charge for their noodles!

At HKD 160+ per bowl of noodle, its probably the most expensive bowl of noodle(s) I’ve had, but also one of the finest. The soup for both noodles were thick and flavorful. I’m quite sensitive to MSG, but having drank the last drop of soup and gone home to vegetate, I wasn’t as thirsty (for water) as I would’ve been if it was full of MSG. The minced beef in the “Dam Dam Noodle” soaked up the soup, so it wasn’t dry, but rather full of the peanuty / sesame / spicy oil flavors. The beef in the “Roast Beef Noodle” is soft and fatty, which also makes it juicy. I would’ve like to see a little more beef though, at that price!

Dam Dam Noodle (擔擔面) at Olala

Dam Dam Noodle (擔擔面) at Olala

Roast Beef Noodle (紅燒牛肉面)

Roast Beef Noodle (紅燒牛肉面)

Siu Yeh Rating: 8.5/10

一碗麵 by Olala
G/F., 1 Electric Street (intersecting Star Street)
Wan Chai, Hong Kong
Tel: +852 2294 0450


3 Responses

  1. $160! per bowl, sooo pricey and not appropriate in these recession times -tut tut- hahaha. But hey if its food, then its a nessicity right? giggles.

    Im always scared to drink alot of the soup in noodles because it makes you thirst after 30 minutes……which is a total no feel good factor for me! These noodles are appealing to me bcause of the less MSG in there……….ohoh I do wana try in summer! Esp the 紅燒牛肉面 as i tried that sometime ago and loved it!

    Oh imexcitied! Happy new year!

  2. 一碗麵 is only so-so in my opinion. If you want to eat really good beef noodle, you have to go to Taiwan. If you are willing to spend some money, I would recommend 牛爸爸 which is famous for their outrageously expensive noodles. You can get anythng from the cheaper stuff to bowls that cost NTD 3,000 or even 10,000! The most expensive I have had was NTD 1,000 which is about HKD 200+, and it was pretty darn good.

  3. Thanks Vivi and Peech for the comments and happy new year to both of you!

    Vivi – I totally agree lol … I probably won’t be visiting the noodle joint as frequently as I’d hope in the near future …

    Peech – Thanks for the great recommendation! I am actually planning a trip to Taiwan later this year and if I do visit 牛爸爸 (which I probably will), I’ll be sure to give you credit for it 🙂 NTD 10,000 for a bowl of noodle? Last I remember, NTD 4 = HKD 1 or thereabouts … HKD 2,500 for a bowl of noodle?! That’s nuts. But I’m REALLY curious to see what’s in it 🙂

    Cheers folks!

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