Freshness Burger

I got the Classic Cheese Burger at Freshness Burger (at Windsor House) the other day + 1 side + 1 cold drink totaling HKD 61. The environment was tidy and my meal arrived in less than 10 minutes, which I thought was a little longer than expected given there were only 6-8 other customers in the restaurant at the time, which wasn’t even a quarter of the restaurant’s capacity.

Menu at Freshness Burger

Menu at Freshness Burger

Interior at Freshness Burger in Windsor House

Interior at Freshness Burger in Windsor House

The Classic Cheese Burger I had was pretty good. The buns were soft and toasted on the insides. The condiments were well balanced (it included ketchup and mayo) and the lettuce and tomatoes were fresh and well cut. The patty was also very juicy, but it wasn’t cooked on a mean grill as you can probably see from the light color and soft texture of the patty (pictured below). That’s because it was cooked on a teppanyaki-like grill, rather than an open flame, which I prefer. My only problem is that the cheese could’ve been slightly more melted before serving … actually, both the patty and the cheese could’ve probably rested on the grill for a little longer, but I suppose this is healthier, which I believe is what Freshness Burger is trying to promote.

Classic Cheese Burger at Freshness Burger

Classic Cheese Burger at Freshness Burger

Here’s what is printed on their tray paper, word-for-word, typos and grammar mistakes included.

Where it all began …

Freshness Burger as a neightbordhood cafe in 1992 in Japan serving Home Made Quality Burger a variety of home styled beverages and desserts. Due to its immense popularity it grew rapidly over the last 15 years and has established itself as a Premium Burger Cafe in Japan with more than 250 shops. Encouraged by its success, Freshness Burger has since expanded into Korea and has now open its 6th shop in Hong Kong.

Freshness Burger … A Cafe With a Difference

As suggested by our Motto ” Be Fresh”, our philosophy is to provide a brand new experience to all our customers. We take pride in remvcnring the traditional burger experience by offering freshly made to order burgers that are healthy yet fullfilling as well as a range of food and beverages made from organic ingredients in relaxed environment. We welcome you to Freshness Burger to experience “A home away from home” and meet our friendly staff at our tastefully decorated and trendy stores.

Remvcnring their neightbordhood Freshness Burgers

Remvcnring their neightbordhood Freshness Burgers

I took me a while to guess what “remvcnring” meant … I think they meant “reminiscing”. Then there’s “neightbordhood”. This is no Japan or China … get the English right!

By the way, I would say the price at Freshness Burger is about half of what Shake’em Buns and probably about a quarter what Duke’s Burger charges. If you were to just get a Classic Cheese Burger (HKD 55) + a soft drink (+HKD 5), that’ll be HKD 60. For the same set-up at Shake’em Buns, it’ll be around HKD 110 easy.

Siu Yeh Rating: 6/10

Freshness Burger
Shop No. 110, Windsor House
311 Gloucester Rd.
Causeway Bay, Hong Kong
Tel: +852 3486 2833


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