Burger Room

Tried Burger Room the other night and I went for a Bacon Cheese Burger; didn’t want to try anything too fancy. The patties were were a little burnt for my liking and definitely too dry. The fries and the mozzarella cheese sticks were also average. Its not bad, just … average.

Note: Photos taken with iPhone (apologies on the bad quality)

Burger Room

Burger Room

Lobster Burger! Worth a try? HKD 188 please ...

Lobster Burger! Worth a try? HKD 188 please ...

Bacon Cheese Burger

Bacon Cheese Burger

Mushroom Cheese Burger

Mushroom Cheese Burger

Mozzarella Sticks

Mozzarella Sticks

What I do like about Burger Room is their drinks selection (any place offering Hoegaarden automatically gets a star on my list!) and the drinks might just be a little cheaper than Shake’em Buns. And to be fair, I haven’t tried their foie gras beef burger ($128) and lobster burger ($188), which I’ve heard good things about.

But, I kind of prefer Shake’em Buns because the kitchen is much larger and is much cleaner. Here at Burger Room, the chef had a little tray to prepare his burgers on and the kitchen is large enough for 3 people … with difficulties walking about. The orders also took a little longer than I’d hope (maybe it just felt like a long time because I was hungry!).

Shake’em Buns and Triple O’s (surprisingly) still remains at the top of my list. Duke’s Burger is also up there too if I’m feeling a little pretentious and feel like splurging a bit on gourmet burgers at over HKD 200! But I think burgers are (to a larger extent relative to most other comfort food) more subjective; some like their patties dry, some like them juicy.

Anyway …

Siu Yeh Rating: 5.5/10

Burger Room
7 Caroline Hill Road
Causeway Bay, Hong Kong
Tel: +852 2890 9130


4 Responses

  1. Nice photos! I might have to check out the mushroom cheese burger. 🙂

    I like Triple O’s and I think Duke’s Deli burgers are pretty good (although the last time I had a cheeseburger from the Duke’s Deli on Des Voeux Road Ctrl it was a bit raw in the middle..).

    I’m not too keen on Duke’s Burger though. The one time I went there I had a HK$200+ burger that tasted quite nice (can’t remember which one it was exactly), but the thing that really irked me was that they only gave me half a bun! I guess it was for “artistic” reasons so they could put some arugula and red onion on top of the meat, but still…for that price I expect more food and at least the other half of the bun. :p

  2. Hey vorspeise, lol … my thoughts EXACTLY! If I remember correctly, only the original beef burger (the cheapest burger) at Duke’s Burger has a full bun (2 halves) … and ironically, all of the more expensive ones has the bottem half haha … I mean, they could’ve at least put the top half on the side or something … if they want to make it look nice, just make it stand on its side and dress it up a little lol … funny comment 🙂 Cheers

  3. I agree! Shake’em Buns is the best in town!

  4. […] Burger Union, Burger Room, Fat Burger and Triple O’s averaged between 8-12% and were relatively close in the number of […]

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