Haiku by Hatsune

I met up with some friends for dinner at Haiku, one of my favorite Japanese restaurant in Shanghai (aside from Nadaman of course, but that … is too pricey, lol). We had a big group and since I was in charge of ordering, and I really couldn’t be bothered with getting everyone’s approval on what I order, I decided to get everything in the Sushi Roll section with a star (Chef’s Recommendation) next to the item, followed by some cooked dishes. Check it out!

Haiku Salad

Haiku Salad

Rolls 1 & 2

Haiku Chefs Recommendation: Rolls 1 & 2

Roll 3

Haiku Chefs Recommendation: Roll 3

Roll 4

Haiku Chefs Recommendation: Roll 4

Roll 5

Haiku Chefs Recommendation: Roll 5

Roll 6

Haiku Chefs Recommendation: Roll 6

Roll 7

Haiku Chefs Recommendation: Roll 7

Roll 8

Haiku Chefs Recommendation: Roll 8

Roll 9

Haiku Chefs Recommendation: Roll 9

Tempura at Haiku

Tempura at Haiku

Fried Chicken at Haiku

Fried Chicken at Haiku

Grilled Beef at Haiku

Grilled Beef at Haiku

Fatty Pork at Haiku

Fatty Pork at Haiku

For the grilled beef, Haiku actually give you a small grill so you can place the raw beef on top to cook yourself. We had the server do the job for us this time … so I can’t show you the stone grill. Anyway, its definitely worth a visit 🙂

Oh right … we had more food than this, there 8-9 of us and we paid a little less than RMB 200 each. Hmm … reasonable I think.

Haiku by Hatsune
28B Tai Jiang Road (near Hengshan Road)
Shanghai, China

The group also has several other “sister” restaurants around town. They are:

Guang Hua Dong Lu, He Qiao Building, Block C
Tel: +86 21 6581 3939

Kagen Teppanyaki
28D Tao Jiang Road (near Hengshan Road)
Tel: +86 21 6433 3232

Sushi Inc.
2/F., Citigroup Tower, Lujiazui
Shanghai, China
Tel: +86 21 5877 6551


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