President Ajikura

I was at Jiu Guang Sogo Department Store in Shanghai when I came across this place.

Can someone tell me if this “President Ajikura” squid ball joint is supposed to be famous in Japan or something? Somehow, I get the feeling that this is something that’s locally established, and the founder (Chinese founder that is) just decided to slap on some silly name to make it foreign …

In any case, I didn’t find these to be particularly good. Maybe because they were only warm when I got them – they really need to be piping hot. The biggest turn-off was that I can taste the oil (“so what?” you say) … well, the oil tasted like what we would call “萬年油” or “ten-thousand-year cooking oil” as in, the oil tasted like its been lying around for a long time … you know that stale-kind of tasting … grease?

My stomach is already reacting to the thought of having tasted that stuff. Ugh.

Squid Balls from President Ajikura

Squid Balls from President Ajikura

President Ajikura sucks as much as President Bush (lol, you all probably saw that coming!)

President Ajikura (Jiu Guang Branch)
Basement of 久光百货 (Jiu Guang Baihuo or Jiu Guang Sogo Department Store)
Jing’an District, Shanghai

President Ajikura (Changle Branch)
No. 191, Changle Road
Luwan, Shanghai 200051
Tel: +86 21 5466 1817
Website: www dot ajikura dot net


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