Fat Burger Finally Opening in Hong Kong?

After what seems like more than 9 months with at the QRE Plaza with signage that says “Fat Burger: Coming Soon” (or something to that effect), I thought it was never going to happen. I thought maybe the burger chain got into some bad disputes with the building owner even before they started operating. But now, the boards are gone and now you can finally see that something really is getting done inside!

I’ve had Fat Burger about 5 times at the Venetian in Macau and their quality has always been fairly consistent. Definitely not bad, but nothing fancy.

Fat Burger to Open Soon in Hong Kong?

Fat Burger to Open Soon in Hong Kong?

Especially with the burger craze in Hong Kong in the last couple of years, we’ve seen burger joints such as Duke’s Burger, Burger Republic, Atomic Patty, Shake ’em Buns to just name a few. Fat Burger will be having a tough time competing … and the economy’s not helping either.

Don’t you worry, I will pay you a visit.

Fat Burger
QRE Plaza, Wanchai
(Opposite Hopewell Centre)


4 Responses

  1. i LOVE your blog, esp the one about pizza hut in China. Really made me laugh. Because the funny thing is, when i was young and went pizza hut, all the aunties use to do that too……obviosuly not to that extent, but it as piled up and there was a ‘technique’ that they used. Back in the days we saw it as embarrassing, but now once we get older (and im only 19+_+) we see how useful it is when you’re taking younger cousins out to eat, you realised that you need to pile up the salad. That saying about: ‘you always turn into your mother’ is probably true. HAHA
    Anyhow i love your blog, because firstly its about HK, therefore I can look at your blog and when i visit Hk can have a good trek around =)

  2. Also bottled coke is better i think too. It taste different and flavour is soo much nicer comapred to cans.

    Go bottled coke! They need to bring it back into the shops!

  3. Thanks for your comments Vivi and sorry about the late response! I was in Shanghai for the week and WordPress is blocked in China, so I wasn’t able to update or reply to visitor comments. Anyway, thanks for your words of encouragement and I’m glad you like the blog! Please visit when you have time and do drop me a line if you would like any recommendations, etc. on where to go when you’re in HK 🙂 Cheers!

  4. Has anyone tried this branch of Fat Burger? What’s the scoop – any good?

    Not yet found a truly great burger in Hong Kong (thinking along the lines of Donovan’s in NYC/Queens or McHale’s in NYC/TimesSq before closing)…

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