Awfully Chocolate Now Open in Hong Kong!

Ever heard of Awfully Chocolate?

The franchise opened its Hong Kong franchise today over at 2 Hysan Road – the franchise now boasts a presence in 6 cities across Asia; the other 5 being Singapore, Beijing, Jakarta, Shanghai and Taipei.

The have an interesting concept. The store decor has a very minimalist black and white feel to it (as you can see from the photos) and unlike other cake shops, they don’t have a large glass fridge that acts as a showcase for their cakes. Rather, you walk in, order from a list of 3 different types of chocolate cakes (if I remember correctly, the flavors are original chocolate, chocolate & banana and chocolate & rum) and the staff takes them out from a fridge at the back and gives them to you in a box. You cannot buy them by the slice and these awfully chocolaty chocolate cakes are apparently made daily to ensure freshness.

Since every store has a slightly different “feel” to it, without of course straying too far from its basic branding concepts, this particular branch near Lee Garden (and Lee Theatre) included a simple and playful addition to the store front: a very retro 60’s theatre / cinema feel using lightbulbs around its name. Get it … d … do you get it? Get it?

Awfully Chocolate Hong Kong

Awfully Chocolate Hong Kong

Launch Party

Launch Party

Awfully Chocolate Chinese Take-out Boxes

Awfully Chocolate Chinese Take-out Boxes

Guests were served the cakes in slices (the only time they serve them in slices!) in little cliched Western-style Chinese Chow Mien-take away boxes … which works! Its cute and fun … taste good.

Looks like they’re off to a good start! Good luck Awfully Chocolate!

Disclaimer: The author is acquainted with the owner of the Awfully Chocolate Hong Kong franchise.

Awfully Chocolate
2 Hysan Road
Causeway Bay, Hong Kong
www dot awfullychocolate dot com


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