SNAKE KING TWO (蛇王二) !!!

One of my favorite restaurants (I know, I use the term “favorite” way too much, it not very effective anymore) in Causeway Bay is none other than SNAKE KING TWO! I’m sure that’s that the real English name for 蛇王二, but that’s the literal translation and I can’t be bothered to change it.

Their signature dish is of course the “snake soup” (蛇羹) or more like “snake stew” because its so thick. It includes shredded snake, chicken, pork and mushroom, among other ingredients boiled in a big pot. Best consumed during the winter … trust me, it will keep you very warm.

Of course, its still very warm in HK right now, so I didn’t feel quite as comfortable drinking that as my partner did. (I’ll probably get a nose bleed for being too 熱氣!) So I opted for this Chicken Feet Conch Soup (鳳爪燉螺頭湯), which is also a very popular soup.

Their roasted dishes such as the two different types of Chinese sausages, Cha Siu, Chicken and Roasted Duck is also very well made and is very consistent.

Definitely worth a visit if you haven’t tried! With these sort of old restaurants (老字號), is you just never know if it might just disappear one day. Try it while you can! I don’t know what I’ll do if this place is gone …

No. 24 Percival Street
Causeway Bay, Hong Kong
Tel1: +852 2831 0163
Tel2: +852 2832 2977


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