Louis Steak House

In general, I think there are 2 camps of “steak houses” in Hong Kong. There’s the “authentic steak house” such as The Steak House at InterCon, Ruth’s Chris and The Mandarin Grill, etc. Then there’s the old-school local steak restaurants, such as Boston Restaurant (波士頓餐廳), and a few others that serve steak on a hot black metal plate where servers pour a copious amount of sauce on the steak and let it “simmer” in front of you (usually, your napkin is then used as a curtain to prevent all the sauce from flying all over the place and leaving a stain on your clothings)

Needless to say, the quality of the beef used in the second type of steak houses is usually sub-par and is known to be prepared with baking soda to make the meat a little more tender. That said however, local steak restaurants have a long history of culture and “style” so we can’t (or I can’t) draw comparisons between the two, because I’ll be comparing apples to oranges. Basically, some people like the first type and some like the second type.

I guess what it all actually boils down to is: Do you like to pour sauce (i.e. black pepper sauce or mushroom sauce, etc.) on your steak?

Anyway, I visited Louis Steak House recently (one of my dad’s favorite restaurants) and this steak house in particular, falls somewhere in the middle of the two camps I just mentioned, perhaps leaning a little towards the authentic steak houses. They meat is served very well, grilled … but if you want, they can prepare a sauce for you too.

This upscale local steak house has a long history (been around for more than 20 years I think!) and their decor and atmosphere has pretty much been the same in the last 2 decades. The decor is a very 1980’s Western restaurant with red and white checkered table cloth and a one-man band playing really cheesy songs from the Beatles, Elvis and hit songs from that era.

Most of the items on the menu are pretty good. In particular, all of their steaks, their fresh oysters, seafood soup, garlic bread, and their fish maw (花膠) … what’s not good, as we’ve recently discovered is their baked seafood rice. This is what we had:

The chefs are very creative in their food … in the traditional sense. Don’t expect them to come up with some new-age Bo Innovation X Wasabisabi-type dishes, but pretty much anything you request that is not in the menu, they can make for you (if they have the supply, of course).

Expect around HKD 500-700 per head.

Louis Steak House
1/F Malaysia Building
50 Gloucester Road
Wanchai, Hong Kong
Tel: +852 2529 8933
Fax: +852 2865 1560
Website: www dot louissteakhouse dot supanet dot com


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