Delicious Kitchen (美味廚)

This restaurant is famous for its deep-fried pork plus vegetable rice, so my colleagues and I decided to check it out.

The pork and rice wasn’t bad, but wasn’t steaming hot when we got it. Maybe that’s because we got there at around 3PM-ish … The pork was a little sweet too, but I would’ve preferred it if was salty instead.

A set lunch of deep-fried pork, vegetable rice and milk tea costs HKD 42. They also have a small selection (4 choices) of soup to choose from; my colleague had a chicken ginseng soup, which was so-so (was only warm soup …) and cost HKD 65 for the set.

Worth a return visit? I dunno, I think 杏花樓’s pork veggie rice might be better.

Delicious Kitchen (美味廚)
Shop B, G/F., 9-11 Cleveland Street
Causeway Bay, Hong Kong
Tel: +852 2577 8350
Fax: +852 2577 7720


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