Fish n’ Chips in Hong Kong

Whenever I need my daily fix of excess profanity and needless racism, Gordon Ramsay’s Kitchen Nightmare never fails to deliver.

Having watched Kitchen Nightmare  S5E1 a while back, it inspired me to look for the best fish n’ chips joint in town. Afterall, Hong Kong was once an English colony and I refused to believe there isn’t a good place for that here.

So, being the consultant that I am, I narrowed the list down to 3 “English Establishments”:

  • Aberdeen Boat Club (actually, I’m not sure if this is really “English” English);
  • The Chippy (heard of it for several years, never had the chance to try); and
  • Dickens Bar (basement of the Excelsior Hotel)

Check it out:

I wasn’t able to take any photos of the one from Dickens, but my final take was that all 3 of them were terrific. One stood out ahead of the pack though and that was The Chippy. The batter was very crispy and thin (very important!). You don’t want the batter to fill you up. The Halibut was fresh, and although I was a little disappointed with the fries, it won’t stop me from a return visit.

The ones from ABC wasn’t bad at all. Unfortunately, if you want to try, you’re going to have to go with someone who’s a member (THANK YOU JSU!).

The Chippy
Basement, 51 Wellington Street
Central, Hong Kong
Tel: +852 2523 1618
Fax: +852 2523 1718
Website: www dot thechippy dot com dot hk

Aberdeen Boat Club
Shum Wan Road (next to Aberdeen Marina Club), Hong Kong

Dickens Bar & Grill
Basement, The Excelsior
Causeway Bay, Hong Kong


2 Responses

  1. I really liked the fish and chips at Delaneys Irish pub in Wanchai (18 Luard Road). Can’t say it’s the best in town, because I havent tried it anywhere else, but worth going down there if you ask me!
    They even wrap it in a newspaper if you want to take it home.

  2. Thanks for that Erik, will also give that a try when I have time. Too many restaurant, too little time!

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