Beyrouth Cafe Lebanese

Time for another siu yeh recommendation!

After a long night of clubbing and drinking at Lan Kwai Fong and you feel like something other than Chinese food for supper (or siu yeh), try Beyroth’s kebabs at Lyndhurst Terrace.

Here, my buddy had the hummus (also spelled hamos, houmous, hommos, hommus, hummos, hummous or humus) with lamb with a flatbread / pita for dipping – Zohan-style! It wasn’t bad at all, not to mention the high nutritional value found in this chickpeas dip; perfect those those weight watchers.

Unlike my health-conscious friend, I chose a mixed-meat (chicken and lamb) kebab with garlic sauce and a lasagna to top that off. I didn’t eat the next day.

Beyrouth Cafe Lebanese
G/F., Lyndhurst Building, 37A Lyndhurst Terrace (next to HSBC)
Central, Hong Kong
Tel: +852 2854 1872
Fax: +852 2854 1882


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