Kwun Tong Ho Choi Seafood Restaurant (觀塘好彩海鮮酒家)

For those of you who know about Ho Choi Seafood Restaurant (好彩海鮮酒家) in Hong Kong, you might be surprised to find a blog about it. Afterall, Ho Choi is a franchise with many restaurants scattered around Hong Kong and you know what they say about chain restaurants … that its very difficult to keep the quality consistent throughout. Unfortunately, this theory applies to Ho Choi as well.

Except for one that is.

The Ho Choi Seafood Restaurant located in Kwun Tong serves one of the tastiest Cantonese-style seafoods at very reasonable prices. They import fresh seafood everyday and place them in glass tank ready for customers to choose from; much like what you would expect from Lei Yu Mun and Sai Kung.

It is no coincidence that the restaurant is consistently booked throughout the year for wedding banquets, and when they do, the restaurant which holds around 400 to 500 is almost always full with a long line outside. So don’t think you can get away with not making a reservation!

Check out the food!

Kwun Tong Ho Choi Seafood Restaurant (觀塘好彩海鮮酒家)
5/F., Tower 1, Millenniumcity
388, Kwun Tong Road, Kowloon
Tel: +852 2267 1000
Fax: +852 2267 1996
Website: hochoi dot com


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