Gough 40 in Noho

My first time visiting Gough 40 for dinner – I’ve been their twice previously for lunch – and the food is terrific.

Their lunch menu was and is a great bargain. If memory serves right, the lunch set was less than HKD 100, which comes with an appetizer and a main course plus drinks.

The dinner menu is considerably more expensive. I had a seafood soup (HKD 138?), which was not bad, but wasn’t as thick as I had thought. The scallop and prawn was served in generous portions, and the mussels and clams were fresh.

As for the main course, I had the steak for two (HKD 720) which I had shared with a friend, and it was terrific – the portions were just right and the side vegetables were lightly salted. Spot on!

Including an apple crumble and copious amount of white (Cloudy Bay Sauvignon Blanc) and red (I forget) wine, the damage was easily upwards of HKD 800! Thankfully, it was a treat!



About Gough Street

Gough Street is fast becoming (if it hasn’t already in the last 2 years) a gourmet street much like Soho, which is just a stone’s throw away. The street was also recently dubbed “Noho”, although its really not “north of Soho” because its on the same side as Soho – I suppose it is just a name the folks there wanted, so as to differentiate themselves from the real Soho. Stay tuned for my entries on Gough Street’s other famous finds such as Paul’s Kitchen, Burger Republic, Ngau Kei (牛記) and my personal favorite of all time, Gou Kei (九記牛腩)!

Gough 40 Restaurant
G/F., 40 Gough Street, Central, Hong Kong
Tel: +852 2851 8498 / +852 93041468 (Ask for Jimmy)
Mondays to Saturdays Noon – 11PM
Sunday Reservation ONly


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