Wu Ji “Sichuan” Spicy Hotpot (吳記麻辣火鍋) from Taiwan

August 1 – Day One
Siu Yeh @ 11:00 PM

Wu Ji Spicy Hotpot has always been the go-to place if I wanted Sichuan-style (read: VERY NUMBING SPICY) hotpot in Shanghai. The “麻辣” in the name should be a warning for most of you who can’t take spicy food, because this … this is REALLY spicy. Don’t be fooled by my constant referral to Sichuan – the chain is actually from Taiwan.

I suppose there’s really nothing special about the stuff you put into the hotpot, afterall, you order what you want and the quality of the beef, chicken, lamb, veggies are so-so. They’re not bad, but they’re not great either. But no matter, whatever you put into the pot gets overwhelmed by the spices and flavours that’s already in the soup base.

Here’s a photo of the heavy, heavy soup base – tofu and solid pig blood (豬紅) included, but the latter isn’t something for everything haha:

There are quite a few Wu Ji locations in Shanghai. This particular location is in Hongqiao, right between 3 nighclubs, lol

Wu Ji Spicy Hotpot (吳記麻辣火鍋) Hongqiao Branch
No. 2308 Yan’an Road (West)
Tel: +86 21 6208 1280


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