Massage at Evergreen

August 2 – Day Two

Evergreen Massage on Zhenning Road

Evergreen Massage on Zhenning Road

There were 3 places I would consistently visit with my friends when I was working in Shanghai. One was Dragonfly (a joint that is catered mostly to foreign tourists), Tai Pan and Evergreen. The latter two target mostly tourists and expats (working professionals) from Hong Kong, Taiwan, Korea and Japan.

Evergreen remains my personal favorite and I’ve recommended it to a lot of my friends visiting or working in Shanghai and every one of them had good things to say about the place. That is why I had to make it a point to include this as part of my itinerary.

Here’s what the outside looks like. My friend and I both got a package which includes an hour of foot massage and an hour of body massage and the bill came to RMB 368 (RMB 184 per person). I’d be forking out HKD 200 for ONE hour of foot massage in Hong Kong!

Evergreen Massage
Zhenning Road, near Yan’an Road (South)
Shanghai, China


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