Lisboa Yum Yum Pot (葡京煲煲好)- Quite “Yum Yum” Indeed

August 7 – Day 7
Dinner @ 7:00PM

From the people who brought you everything under the Macau Regency brand such as Taipan Massage / Spa, and Lisboa Restaurant (葡京茶餐厅), Lisboa Yum Yum Pot is a new concept which focuses on dishes offer on (what else?) POTS.

Usually, these clay pots are heated until very hot, then they throw in all the flavours and ingredients like onions and garlic, etc. and then the main … stuff. In this case, we had (in order of the following photos), mushroom, frogs and fishhead. That last photo was a beef belly and is a signature dish at the restaurant. Whenever you order a signature dish there, the employees come with a gong and with hit it to let everyone in the restaurant know you’re having their recommended dishes. What a funny (and sometimes annoying) marketing ploy.

Lisboa Yum Yum Pot (葡京煲煲好) – Xujiahui Branch
No. 323 Tian Yao Chao Road, 2/F.
Xujiahui District, Shanghai
Tel: +86 21 6375 6277
Website: dubdubdub lisboayumyumpot dot com (but doesn’t seem to work right now)


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