Kommune Cafe & Bar on Taikang Road

August 2 – Day Two
Lunch @ 1:00PM

I can’t believe I missed this spot while I was working in Shanghai until a year ago. My friend confirmed that this little “yard” off of Taikang Road was established a little more than a year ago and has only recently became popular with tourists (or locals with a taste for art); phew. The atmosphere was great: photographers, whether amateur or experienced were standing about, sharing tips and stories with each other. On either side of the pedestrian walk were art galleries, and café with equally “artsy fartsy”-feel.

The café we were recommended was Kommune (Courtyard Café & Bar) – and “kommune” it was, the café was very cozy with small tables and a small menu to choose from. Owing to its namesake, the décor was a combination of rebellion and satire, I imagine, directly referring to the Cultural Revolution. Here, you have comical figurines of Mao around the café. One of my personal favorite was a group of Mao’s inside a fish tank (see photos).

The food pretty good too and comes in generous portions. I had the lasagna and my friends chose pasta and breakfast set. The potato wedges were the highlight of the meal (as you can see, by the time I realized I had to take a photo, we were already well on our way to finishing those wedges!)

We chose to sit inside because it was a really hot day, but turned out it was really stuffy inside the café. It was probably better to sit outside especially when they have those industrial fans with water mist spraying on you.

Between the 3 of us, we had 2 smoothes, a lasagna, a pasta, a breakfast set and wedges for RMB 250 – I love China.

Kommune Courtyard Café & Bar
The Yard, No. 7, 210 Taikang Road
Shanghai, 200025, China
Tel: +86 21 6466 2416
Email: kommune3@gmail.com
Search for Kommune Kafe on Facebook


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