Ji Heng Mian Guan (吉亨面馆) – Authentic Taiwanese Noodle in Shanghai

August 6 – Day 6
Lunch @ 1:00PM

Had a quick lunch at Ji Heng Mian Guan, which is located in Hongqiao / Gubei district (I’m not sure why the address is Changning, well I suppose it is still part of Changning … anyway)

The Hongqiao / Gubei area is a popular residential district for Japanese, Korean and Taiwanese expats working in Shanghai and so you’re find an abundance of the similar authentic cuisines in that area. Sort of like how you’ll find very good Korean food near Fudan University because of a big Korean student population in that area.

Anyway, the Taiwanese noodle was great and so were the side dishes – we had tofu with garlic and hot sauce and a cow stomach appetizer dish. I don’t have any photos to show you … I guess you just have to believe me 🙂

Ji Heng Mian Guan (吉亨面馆)
No. 433 Guyang Road
Changning District, China
Tel: +86 21 2809 6088


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  1. […] I suspect they have hundreds of branches in Japan and a handful outside the country. Remember in my Ji Heng Mian Guan entry I had mentioned that “Hongqiao / Gubei area is a popular residential district for […]

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