Din Tai Fung at Xintiandi

August 2 – Day Two
Dinner @ 8:00PM

On the way to Din Tai Fung for dinner at 8PM, we decided we needn’t call to make a reservation. Then I realized, you can’t make reservations at the restaurant (I don’t think). When we got there, we had to wait a good 20 minutes for our table. After we were done with the meal at 9:30PM, the queue was pretty much the same as before. I had underestimated how popular the restaurant is with tourist in the 10 months I’ve been away!

With restaurants in 16 locations globally, 7 of these locations are in Japan – the country with the most Michelin Star-rated restaurants and a country with people who are serious (I mean, very serious) about their food. That alone is a testament to Din Tai Fung’s quality and service.

For a relatively inexpensive meal (RMB 250), we were served top grade delicacies (great service included). We had:

  • chopped cucumbers served in a bit of spicy oil
  • cow stomach
  • steamed chicken noodle soup
  • noodle mixed with sesame and peanut sauce or “dam dam meen”
  • steamed pork dumplings or Xiao Long Bao
  • shrimp and pork xiao mai (or shao mai if you’re Taiwanese)

Did I mention Din Tai Fung was rated Top 10 Restaurants globally by New York Times (or was it Forbes)?

Din Tai Fung at Xintiandi
2/F., Shop 11 Xintiandi,
No. 123 Xing Ye Road
Shanghai, China
Tel:+86 21 6385 8378


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