Crystal Jade Restaurant at Xintiandi

August 3 – Day Three
Lunch @ 2:00PM

I suppose this is nothing special to write about, since there are plenty of Crystal Jade’s in Hong Kong. When I was working in Shanghai for 2 years, this is where I usually visit if I want good dim sum that reminds me of home.

Their food is not bad, but I seem to remember they were better. This time ‘round, I got a feeling the portions have become smaller (increase in food prices due to inflation? I think so). Their service wasn’t particularly great; definitely not as attentive as Din Tai Fung. I got one of those stereotypical China restaurant treatments, where there’d be an abundance of waiters/waitresses standing around, and when you wave to them, they’d turn a blind eye and pretend they didn’t see you in hope that somebody else would serve you.

Although I was disappointed at the service, the noodle I had was everything I had hoped for. Afterall, Crystal Jade is known for their la mian!

Crystal Jade at Xintiandi
2/F., Shop 12A, Xintiandi
Shanghai, China
Tel: +86 21 6385 8752


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