A Future Perfect?

August 5 – Day 5
Dinner @ 7:00PM

While I’m not sure what to think about the name, I’ve heard many praises about the restaurant since I’ve been living in Shanghai some 2 years ago.

I was finally able to visit the restaurant and ordered myself a steak called something along the lines of T800 Sirloin Steak – reminds me of Terminator. My friend order a dish called “Mary’s Lamb” HAR HAR … looks like they like to play around with the names of their dishes.

Anyway, here’s what I had – I keep forgetting to take a photo before I dig in, sorry!

In the end, the dish wasn’t bad, but wasn’t as good as I expected. I didn’t think the service was any good though. I only had a main course and it set me back RMB 138 plus 10%. Hmm, not cheap relative to Shanghai standards … well, I suppose its not too bad compared to similar restaurants along the Bund.

T800 Sirloin from A Future Perfect

All in all, I didn’t get a feeling their future as perfect as it seems. Sorry.

A Future Perfect
No. 16, Lane 351
Huashan Road, Shanghai
Tel: +86 21 6248 8020
Website: dubdubdub afuturepefect dot com dot cn


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