Hong Kong-style Egg Waffle

On the way home from work, I decided to make a detour in Wanchai for some Hong Kong-style Egg Waffle or what’s more commonly known as “Gai Daan Jai” (雞蛋仔). Usually, they can be found in most street snack outlets serving next to equally famed curry fishballs – these two usually go hand-in-hand, although more in tradition than in the stomach, if you know what I mean.

During lunch and dinner time (after-work rush hours), don’t be surprised to see a long line outside this particular outlet. That’s right, the “North Point Egg Waffle” (北角雞蛋仔) apparently serves the best egg waffle in Hong Kong. I’ve never tried, but heard lots about it from word-of-mouth; turns out it really is true.

At HKD 11 per waffle, it is slightly more expensive than average. The prices ranges between HKD 5-10 / waffle but you’ll generally find most at HKD 10.

These waffles have just the right balance of egg, sugar, flour and milk (as odd as that just sounded) and are cooked so consistently, that every part of it is crunchy. And to top it off, the bags have little holes in them so as to prevent condensation from the heat, which would than make the waffles soggy. Talk about attention to detail and quality control!

You can find this store right outside exit A4 (facing Hennessy Road), make a left turn immediately, you’ll find this little shop right next to McDonald’s!

Enjoy 🙂


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