Hainan Chicken Rice @ Mandarin Oriental

Got an SMS from a friend yesterday, telling me the Hainan Chicken Rice (海南雞飯) at Café Causette in the Mandarin Oriental is second to none. Since I was having dinner out tonight with a few friends (and they can’t seem to decide where to go), I suggested that we try this place. To my surprise, when I called my friend to tell him where, his girlfriend’s first response was “Hainan Chicken Rice!” and then I thought “Wow, this place must be good”

Indeed, it was very good. Like most other places, the Hainan Chicken Rice set comes with a soup, 3 different types of sauce, the chicken of course (you can choose either the breast or drumsticks) and needless to say, those mouthwatering rice. And here’s our feedback:

  1. Soup was actual black-chicken plus red dates soup (as can be seen in the photo). It was REAL soup! Not MSG in hot water!
  2. Generous portions of chicken and they’re hot too. Most other places serve warm or even cold chicken! It wasn’t dry (very important) and was rested atop Bak Choi (白菜) and topped with some Chinese pepper and onions.
  3. Hainan Chicken Rice’s sauce is VERY important. Usually comes in 3 types: 1) Mashed or finely chopped ginger in oil; 2) Thick soy sauce; and 3) Chili with or without mashed ginger. This place gets all 3 perfect! Beware: Chili sauce is very spicy.
  4. Lastly, those rice. Its usually cooked in chicken brother, a bit of coconut milk, lemongrass, ginger, garlic and shallots. Again, the rice was well balanced, but what’s the catch you ask? Unlimited refills!

BUT, the meal alone will set you back HKD 168 +10%. With a drink, you’re looking at slightly more than HKD 200. That said, however, I would still strongly recommend this dish. Here are some photos (quality’s not great):

Café Causette is located right next to the Mandarin Cake shop, which means Café Causette’s dessert menu is really good too. I don’t think you can go wrong with their Tiramisu and cheese cake.

Café Causette @ Mandarin Oriental, 5 Connaught Road, Central Hong Kong

Tel: +852 2825 4005
Email: mohkg-cafe@mohg.com

Daily: (6:30am-12:30am)
Breakfast: 6:30am-11:30am
Lunch: 11:30am-3pm
Afternoon Tea: 3pm-6pm
Dinner: (Monday to Saturday) 6:30pm-12am


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