Tse Kei in Aberdeen

I told my partners I’m going to start a blog on food and to their dismay, their response was “Not another food blog!”, “As if there aren’t blogs about food already” … and encouraging remarks along those lines. I was not to be deterred and strategically convinced them to join me for lunch at one of the oldest and famous “fishball” joint in Aberdeen (most probably in the whole of Hong Kong too).

Its called Tse Kei (謝記) and everyday, they serve up some of the best fishballs, fried fish skins and related fish products in town. The portions are average, but with all the other side dishes you tend to order, it’s just about right. The bill came up to HKD 144 (USD 18.5) for 3 of us. Here are some photos:

My only regret is not visiting the place earlier. Twice I’ve visited this restaurant at about 2:30PM and all of their famed fried fish skin are sold out! That alone is something to write about. I will make it a mission to write about those greasy lil’ suckers.

Stay tuned for more!


3 Responses

  1. Didn’t TV show host “Yeung Lai Mui” come here with “Chi Gor” famous local chef to this place? Anyways I miss HK style fishballs a lot! Thanks for the writeup. Maybe I’ll keep this place in mind when I can bring my family back to HK to visit.

  2. Hey Ken,

    Thanks for the comments. Are you “K K” on Chow.com? What’s your blog? Would like to add you to my blogroll. Cheers!

  3. Hi,

    Yes that is me.

    I don’t have a blog, but I write reviews on yelp.

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